... an incomplete list of artists we cherish.

The Future Direction of Hi-Fi Records

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” –Martin Mull

We have a number of exciting projects in various stages of development which will come together to illustrate our vision for Hi-Fi.

The list crosses genre and time, mixing styles and energy. Some albums will transport you & some will create atmosphere. Our fundamental goal is to bring you great recordings.

Hi-Fi will release original artists’ albums as well as a series of compilations. Examples of compilations now in development include: Chicago Blues, Country Blues, Solo Piano, Reggae and Folk; full album reissues include rock, classical and a series of iconic jazz albums with a strong focus on the years 1956–1962. There will also be a compilation of murder ballads and a series of lounge compilations encompassing this unique subgenre: Cocktail, World, Techno, Funk, Latin, Chanteuse & Space. 

We are on an ongoing quest for seminal albums primed for sonic cleansing, audiophiliac tweaks and new audiences.

(More to come on the specifics)