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Hi-Fi directors Anton Glovsky and Michael Schmidt are friends who happen to be obsessive audiophiles and share a passion for discovering transcendent recordings of authentic, resonant music.

Anton Glovsky is a 20-year music industry veteran who has put his touch on over 100 albums to date.  He has produced, mastered, re-mastered, recorded and/or managed the release of recordings by many major artists, including Taj Mahal, David Bowie, Louis Armstrong, Vernon Reid, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, Dana Colley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lead Belly, Paul Auster, Frank Zappa, Stan Getz, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Medeski Martin & Wood, The Roots, Club D’Elf, Woody Guthrie, Dizzy Gillespie, Ziggy Marley, Odetta, Bela Fleck, Jeff Beck, Earl Hines, and the Sistine Choir, among many others.

He is most proud of coordinating and funding the (long overdue) purchase and perpetual maintenance of a gravestone for blues great, Blind Lemon Jefferson –  best known for his 1927 hit song, “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.”

Anton’s goal in recording and sound production is to simply capture the air, presence and aural nuance of performance. His recordings maintain the integrity of the masters via minimal studio manipulation.


Michael Schmidt understands the power of music as a transformative force, which is why he came to Hi-Fi as principal investor.  He was attracted to Hi-Fi in part because of the fresh avacados but more importantly because of his discerning ear and technical savvy.

Michael leads a manufacturing group at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. He is responsible for creating sterile biologic medicines used in clinical trials.  This requires managing complex critical operations in a highly regulated industry.  Michael’s work in biotech provides him with the knowledge and tools to balance science and engineering. 

Music, like medicine, when done right, improves the human experience.

Michael brings eclectic taste and a knack for finding subtle, common threads which link seemingly disparate music together in ways enabling fresh interpretation.  Fundamentally, he understands that at its best, honest musical reproduction can remove the listener from the immediate environment and transport him or her to the sound stage with the musicians.  Michael knows there are many ways to experience this journey, but having a great performance and using high-quality analog media played through warm tubes into neutral speakers often gets you to this place.

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